Adventure through the Solar System

Introduce your child to a whole new world. Mathstronauts allows them to escape from reality into an immersive landscape and explore the vibrant planets; from Mercury to Neptune and beyond.

Join your pal Rubix and The Forces of Good as you defend the Solar System against Cypher and his Cyphon Crawlers. The fate of the Universe rests in your hands. Only your math skills and gameplay will save us. But hurry, before it’s too late! Cypher’s planetary assault has already begun. Are you ready to be the Hero? It’s time to suit up, Mathstronaut.

Dynamic and Adaptive Game Play

The problem with many math apps for kids is they’re often extremely repetitive, or boring. You no longer have to sacrifice fun for STEM learning.

Our adaptive learning technology adjusts the difficulty level of each question in real-time. So each one is optimized to keep your child engaged — effectively eliminating frustration and boredom.

Real-time feedback allows parents and teachers to quickly pinpoint problem areas and offer solutions. It’s now much easier for home and school collaboration; ensuring each child reaches their full potential.

Technological innovations have led to this moment — A revolutionary new math practice app that is fun and engaging for ALL learners… that meets them exactly where they’re at!

Now math practice looks a lot like the video games kids play in their ‘free time’.

Foundation for Success

Are you ready to boost your child or students’ confidence in math? There’s now an educational tool with gameplay options for practicing math. So instead of rewarding them with video games after they do their math homework; turn the homework into the game. It’s all possible with Mathstronauts.  

Key Features 

  • Gamified STEM based learning
  • Real-time feedback
  • Quickly and accurately monitor progress 
  • Aligned with 1st — 5th-grade math standards
  • Dynamic difficulty algorithm adjusts the difficulty level of each question in real-time
  • Fully integrated math curriculum throughout the course of gameplay
  • Help struggling students review important core concepts 
  • Target specific areas of struggle

Key Benefits 

  • Enhance mental math, working memory and confidence using numbers
  • Increase practice time and engagement (without feeling like homework)
  • Boost confidence in the foundational math skills 
  • Sharpen problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Accurately monitor the progress of specific skills
  • Improve test-taking and following directions
  • Adds a lot of fun to remote learning
  • Eliminate finger counting
  • Help kids learn faster

Educational Entertainment

Education is changing fast. Technology and remote learning are two of the major driving forces behind these changes.

The “gamification” of learning has brought new attention to educational entertainment.

Say goodbye to boring math practice apps that are little more than fancy calculators. Learning math doesn’t have to look the same as it did when you were a kid. Because now there’s an educational game that finally answers the question … Can learning math be fun?

Mathstronaut — The perfect addition to your STEM learning plan.

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