Play The Mathstronaut and watch your math skills take off

Join forces with Rubix and the forces of good to save the universe from an invading entity: the all powerful Cypher. His assault on the Solar System has begun and only the Mathstronaut can stop him. Defend against numerous attacks by employing your math skills and logical reasoning to triumph over his Syphon Crawlers and put a stop to Cypher’s takeover of each planet within the Solar System.

Dynamic and Adaptive Gameplay

With 40 math skills unique to each age, the Mathstronaut challenges students of all levels from 1st through 5th grade to utilize and improve their mental math and critical thinking abilities. Players step into the spacesuit of the Mathstronaut and take off through the solar system, solving math problems and cracking codes to fend off a total planetary takeover. With scaling difficulty and a plethora of rich gameplay options, The Mathstronaut is so captivating, players hardly notice they’re mastering math.

A Solar System Adventure

Playing the Mathstronaut means launching into the Solar System to explore stunning, immersive landscapes from Mercury to Neptune and beyond. Join forces with your pal Rubix as you venture through multiple levels on each of eight planets to decode Cypher’s master plan. As the storyline advances, so does the grade-specific math curriculum, with each skill building on the next. Much more than just a cool math game, the Mastronaut’s engaging storytelling also fosters creativity and problem-solving. 

Educational Entertainment

The Mathstronaut combines modern technology and education to deliver an experience that meets the needs of students, teachers and parents. In an exhilarating adventure that simultaneously engages various parts of the brain, students enhance their mental math and critical thinking skills, propelling them to academic success in the math classroom and beyond. Educational entertainment lets educators and parents meet students where they are: in a space that will teach, inspire and, of course, entertain them.

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